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Chelsea's Random List of Vegan Tips

Hello! Many of our friends and family have recently asked us, “How hard is it really to be vegan?” Well, it’s really not that hard. We decided to make a list of some of our favorite vegetarian & vegan recipes, products, and websites for you to enjoy!
Dairy Products: ·Silk Brand Soy Yogurt ·Earth Balance Organic Spread (butter substitute, this stuff is delicious and we put it on everything—zero cholesterol and you can find it at Walmart) ·Just Mayo Brand mayonnaise—It tastes just as good as the real thing but less fat and no cholesterol, and you can find it at Walmart too. ·Favorite non-dairy milk is definitely Cashew Milk. It’s creamy like the real deal but again no cholesterol and just as much Vitamin D. ·Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice cream (the coffee caramel flavor is TO DIE FOR and so is the chocolate fudge) ·A really healthy alternative to mac n cheese is the Engine 2 Diet’s recipe for mac n cheese
Fake Meats: ·Gardein products. We have yet to try one that isn’t good, but they have e…