Saturday, July 29, 2017

Chelsea's Random List of Vegan Tips

Many of our friends and family have recently asked us, “How hard is it really to be vegan?” Well, it’s really not that hard. We decided to make a list of some of our favorite vegetarian & vegan recipes, products, and websites for you to enjoy!

Dairy Products:
·         Silk Brand Soy Yogurt
·         Earth Balance Organic Spread (butter substitute, this stuff is delicious and we put it on everything—zero cholesterol and you can find it at Walmart)
·         Just Mayo Brand mayonnaise—It tastes just as good as the real thing but less fat and no cholesterol, and you can find it at Walmart too.
·         Favorite non-dairy milk is definitely Cashew Milk. It’s creamy like the real deal but again no cholesterol and just as much Vitamin D.
·         Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice cream (the coffee caramel flavor is TO DIE FOR and so is the chocolate fudge)
·         A really healthy alternative to mac n cheese is the Engine 2 Diet’s recipe for mac n cheese

Fake Meats:
·         Gardein products. We have yet to try one that isn’t good, but they have everything from breakfast sausages to Crabless Patties to Turk’y Filets (in the freezer section at most grocery stores)
·         Boca burgers for a good fake burger.  Less fat and cholesterol but still high in protein, and we pile them high with all the stuff you put on burgers—lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, ketchup, etc. We eat this at least once a week! Freezer section.
·         Veggie hotdogs –Target sells a pretty good one
·         Beyond Chicken—Freezer section, this stuff is great if you fry it up and put it in wraps. Seriously we make it for people and they don’t know it’s not real chicken
·         Tofurky brand pepperoni and lunch meats, and Italian sausage links (we made an awesome soup with their vegetarian kielbasa—I’ll make a note of it later)

A note about eggs in baked goods: in most recipes you can substitute ¼ cup mashed fruit (such as banana or applesauce) per egg in the recipe. I do this with cake mixes, cookies, cornbread, etc.

Miscellaneous food products we LOVE:
·         Amy’s Kitchen frozen meals and canned soups (If you look at the ingredients labels, the ones that are vegan are clearly marked “vegan” and they are sold at most grocery stores. They have everything from breakfast sandwiches to vegetarian frozen pot pies to Thai curry)
·         Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah!): this is kind of like barley but smaller kernels? Anyway we make it with veggie broth instead of water for flavor, and we eat it as a side and sometimes stir in cooked veggies and mushrooms too. It’s also awesome on wraps.
·         OREOS ARE VEGAN (and that’s how Chelsea sticks with the program!)
·         Hummus. We eat it on everything: tortilla chips, wraps, celery, carrots, triscuits
·         Chia Seeds. They’re really high in protein and you can put them on your cereal, on top of your salad, in your pasta…just about anywhere. They’re pretty flavorless so the sky is the limit

 Easy Recipes we eat a lot:
·         Veggie or Chick’n Wraps: Sautee fake chicken, add spinach or spring mix, chopped carrots, celery, cucumber, tomato, cooked quinoa, mayo, fresh dill, and Franks Red Hot Sauce on a spinach wrap
·         Kielbasa stew: fake sausage links cut up in a veggie broth, chopped celery and carrots, lentils, leek, onions, green onion, red potatoes
·         Coconut Rice Stir-fry: Tofu fried in soy sauce, rice made in coconut milk, sautéed spinach and mushrooms, chop up some cucumber and put it in vinegar and dill on the side. Best served with hot sauce! J
·         Loaded Nachos: veggie crumbles in taco seasoning, load them up with chopped tomatoes, onion, green onion, black beans, corn, kale or spinach, and lime juice
·         Basil Pesto Pasta: blend basil with lemon juice and pine nuts, stir it in with pasta and sautéed mushrooms, artichokes, spinach, tomatoes, garlic, onion
·         Breakfast burritos: fry some tofu with turmeric (the turmeric makes the tofu more like scrambled eggs), onion, spinach, red potatoes, and breakfast sausage. Wrap up in a wrap and serve with salsa or hot sauce
·         Veggie stirfry with tofu: fry red pepper, water chestnuts, broccoli, snap peas, and tofu in soy sauce. MMMM!
·         Stuffed red and green peppers: hollow out peppers, stuff them with quinoa or couscous and sautéed veggies and bake them for 15 or 20 min at around 250-300 degrees
·         Veggie bowls: roast broccoli, squash, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, or similar with olive oil, cracked pepper, and sea salt. Serve over spinach and quinoa with your favorite salad dressing (we like Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing or Poppyseed.) Good if you add something sweet too like chopped up strawberries or coconut flakes

Where do you get your protein?
·         Seriously everything. Beans, legumes, spinach, broccoli, quinoa, soy products, peanut butter, cashews and other nuts, whole grain breads, brown rice—most foods have protein. It is a myth that you need animal products to get protein or calcium. There is more than an abundance of protein—think about the animals in the wild that are huge and muscular and don’t eat other animals. Gorillas are vegetarians, for example.

Awesome websites:

Why do we try to eat as vegan as possible?
·         Better for the environment (less water waste and less pollution)
·         Better for animals (even the dairy industry is outrageously cruel to animals)
·         Better for our bodies (there is NO cholesterol found in plant foods and they are higher in vitamins and minerals-veganism is better for cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, and blood sugar. Vegans live on average 7 years longer than omnivores!
·         It’s actually cheaper! Meat and cheese/dairy are some of the most expensive foods at the grocery store

Random Tips:
·         Try more from different ethnic foods—foods that are not American tend to be easier to vegetaraian-ize or veganize. Thai, Indian, and Mexican foods are all super easy to swap out meat for tofu or beans.
We don’t expect our loved ones to completely change their diets just because we did, but we love sharing delicious healthy food ideas and are very excited when people show interest in our food choices!  We love you guys!

Love and health,

Chelsea Justin & Genevieve

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

OPP Swap n Shop January 2015

Everyone knows I'm budgety as can be when it comes to Fashion. Well, one of my favorite fashion "things" is the OPP Swap N Shop that is held in Winter Park, Fl, several times a year.

On January 23, around a hundred women gathered with bags of their gently used clothing. Admission was $15, which apparently went to some form of charity.

All the clothing is organized by type and thrown on different tables--dresses here, pants there. At 7:00, the visitors were set loose to pick out whatever we wanted. What a great way to get rid of old and bring in the new!  Here was my score:

Most of the items were name brand, and for the $15 admission PLUS the idea of getting rid of things I no longer needed, it was WELL worth the visit. I can't wait to do some photo shoots to show off all my treasures I scored!

Much love to all,


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Costume Post: Rapunzel!

I wanted to post the very beginnings of my Rapunzel-inspired costume. Of note: 1) I am buying a bigger, lighter-colored wig that I can braid with flowers and ribbon. 2) The dress needs a LOT of embellishments--Pink laces instead of purple, floral embellishments down the front and across the hem, and the striped puffs at the sleeves. Like I said, work in progress. Here's the inspiration:

With that said, here's my skeleton of a Rapunzel: 

Thrift Store Finds: September Edition!

Hi Ya'll! It's time for my latest installment of "shit I bought at the thrift store recently". Bear in mind that These were not all on the same trip. I would be broke. :)

First up, dusty rose ruffled top by Lauren Conrad (typically sold at Kohl's), $3

I just really liked the Black and White version. Whoops. #selfabsorbed

Next up, white tee with sequins, Express Brand, $3. Purple shorts, $3

So the only thing in this photo I bought this month was the pale blue shorts ($3). However, the boots are from a previous thrift store trip, the tank is from Old Navy (around $4), and the lace top I got as a Christmas gift but it's from Kohl's too.

I am starting to really embrace this crop top thing. I LOVE this one I found (around $2) and the black pencil skirt, which I've been meaning to find for like, forever. Skirt, $2.69

Little black dress with ruffle embellishment, $6. Belt I already had, but it's from the clearance rack at Target (around $7)

This black miniskirt was seriously less than $2. SERIOUSLY. How can you pass that up??? Red top, $3, and the belt is sparkly and has a floral print. You won't believe it: belt, $1.33. Yep. $1.33.


So the top of this is actually the beginnings of another costume, but the pieces to this outfit are amazing deals, SO: overshirt, New York and Company, $2. Undershirt, Forever XXI $3. Skirt is the same one previously pictured.

I'm not self-absorbed. I just really like to fantasize about being a supermodel. ;)

So what about you? What's your favorite? Best thrift store find to date?? Comment me!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Start of my Epic Journey Southward

I started my journey bright and early.

Okay, for definition’s sake, “early” was 8:00 a.m.

In any case, after shoving a very disgruntled red minpin into her crate and tossing her lovingly on the front seat, fueling up my car with gasoline and my belly with hot tea, I was on the road.  Noticing the frost on the grass as I sped past my neighbor’s lawns for the last time in an immeasurable while, I couldn’t help but feel excitement knowing that I would soon be in the South—in the warmth, in the heat, in the sun.

Tessie, in a non-happy sort of mood.

The drive to South Carolina (my destination for night one) is a mountainous trek that, thankfully, this time of year is beautiful. Painted horizons of reds, yellows, greens, oranges, and rusts led my way as I sped up, down, and around the mountains of West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Birdies attacked my car at a rest area.

Road trips are fun, believe it or not. I keep myself entertained (being my favorite person on the planet has its advantages—for example, I don’t mind traveling with myself. Ha!).  I like to be alone, to a point. I like to think, ponder, mull over. Driving for eight hours can lead to super epic thoughts (what will I name my children?) to super trivial thoughts (I need to paint my toenails once I get settled in Orlando—what color shall I choose?). My favorite part though is browsing the radio stations of whatever area I’m in. Who knew there could be so many banjo stations!  One thing I love, though, is the closer I get to the equator, the more sunshiney and happy songs I hear. It seems every time I hit the South Carolina state line, I suddenly hear the Beach Boys.

And so, I reached South Carolina. I pull into the Lizard’s Thicket. I rush in to pee. Driving with Sweet Tea at your side? Bad idear. I pee. I leave the restroom. YAY DOREEN IS HERE with her lovely daughter Eleanor. Table, located. Another round of sweet tea, ordered. Time for friendsy catch-up time and lots of Eleanor lovin’s. She is two. She can say my name. She has met me once. I love this little girl and her mother so, so much.

After an exciting catch-up time over Fried Flounder and squash casserole, I must be gone. There is more driving to do tonight. A few hours later, I recruit the special forces (my friends who are home near their computers) to start sending me phone numbers of cheap hotels I’ll be passing.  A trusty friend who never fails me sends me the number to a sweet little inn just outside of Savannah, Georgia. I’m grateful at this point because it’s very late and I’m getting what I’ll call a case of Road Trip Grump.

I reach the little inn, step inside, and pass the lady at the desk a copy of my drivers’ license. I sign the lines and pass the form back, noticing after I’ve paid my fee and obtained a room key that it reads, “Strict No-Pet Policy”. It’s cold, so she cannot sleep in my car. I also have a staunch view that my dog is significantly cleaner than most small children, yet they are not prevented from sleeping in hotels. She’s quieter, too.

I round the back corner of the building, park my car, and pull Tessie inside my sweater. She’s shaking again from fear of the trip and cold.  I rush to my room and sneak her in.

The room is lovely; recently remodeled with sweet French Toile bedding in a sage hue, a granite sink, wrought iron curtain rods, and granite –lined shower. No matter, I won’t have time to enjoy them. I call my mommy to check in, set my alarm on my cell phone for 5:00 a.m., and then remove my jeans to crawl into bed in the day’s clothes. Tessie curls up next to me despite policy, and I am asleep almost instantly—what a long day.

Chelsea's Random List of Vegan Tips

Hello! Many of our friends and family have recently asked us, “How hard is it really to be vegan?” Well, it’s really not that hard. We d...